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Warning: If your device uses WiFi, it’s at risk!

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Warning: If your device uses WiFi, it’s at risk! News broke yesterday about the Krack attack, a new cyber threat that can decrypt and potentially view everything users are doing online. The Krack Attack preys on a weakness in WPA2 protocol. Hackers near the vulnerable devices (Android and Linux are at greatest risk) can retrieve sensitive user data and information.

What needs to be done?
1. Apply patches as they become available. For phones and computers, the patches will come in the usual update format. For wifi routers, the manufacturer’s website will have the patches.
2. Don’t use public WiFi, especially for sharing or sending any sensitive information.
3. Double check that you are browsing with HTTPS. If you are unsure, install this plug-in to encrypt your communications with major websites and make your browsing more secure. https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere
4. Otherwise, use Ethernet.

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